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                Company profile


                Shanghai Smile Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd has committed to the research and development of oxide ceramics since its establishment in 1992. Dongtai Smile New Material Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2006, covering an area of 45,000 ㎡, with the construction area being 15,000 ㎡. In the process of promoting ceramics application, over 500 employees has always held one aim, that is, to apply the modern precision ceramics in the details of daily life.

                Smile has promised to promote ceramics application to different fields, including biomedical, defense system, chemical equipment, household appliance, precision machinery textile, etc. Smile possesses five manufacturing sites in China, providing ten millions products every year.

                Shanghai Smile Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd and Dongtai Smile New Material Technology Co., Ltd are both companies with ISO9001 certification. We strictly observe the four phases of prophase control, process control, results control and improvement control to manage every production procedure. Our final inspection center possesses the most advanced equipment to make sure that the products fully satisfy customers’ demands. Smile promised to the customers to reduce their transaction schedule, guarantee the stability of products' quality and cost, relieving their pain and providing all kinds of individual services so as to make them happier during transaction with Smile. We are looking forward to seeing your smile then.

                SHANGHAI HEAD OFFICE
                DONGTAI FACTORY

                Taking market as the only direction, employing moral quality to produce precision ceramic products.


                ◎2009版权所有上海施迈尔精密陶瓷有限公司 Copyright by Smile Designed by PARKE


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